Government Departments

Road and Traffic Authority road rules and regulations in NSW
Book your driver licence test
Practice RTA Hazard Perception Test
Australian Government
NSW Government
Ministry of Transport NSW
Community Relations Commission NSW – Interpreting & translating overseas licences
Department of Fair Trading, NSW
Australian Securities & Investment Commission
NSW department of Woman –- automotive tool kit for women
Australian Driver Trainers Association (NSW) Ltd – The representative body of professional driving instructors
Australian Automobile Association
Australian College of Road Safety
Car Insurance
Allianz Car Insurance - One of Australia's largest car insurers
Car Accessories
Stephen Montgomery
Parking sensors, Phone kits, car security, reverse cameras, Sat Navigation, DVD players and IPod connectivity
Buying a Car
Women on Wheels – Workshops about vehicles and safety
autochic – Women's driving website
Second hand and new cars
Second hand and new cars
Cars Guide
Second hand cars
Prices and valuations
Tips for car buyers
Yellow pages
Green slips
Compare green slips
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